Campus comes to life with Adelphi’s seventh Outdoor Sculpture Biennial.

This wonderful 2012-2014 exhibition features a variety of artistic expressions and demonstrates the university’s continued commitment to the aesthetic and cultural enhancement of our campus. President Robert A. Scott’s steadfast support of the arts has helped brand Adelphi as a premier arts center on Long Island. The entire university shares his enthusiasm and embraces the vibrancy that visual art and the performing arts bring to our campus. The Exhibitions Program and the Department of Art and Art History take pride in this exhibition and hopes both the university and its visitors agree.

The ten artworks presented offer a variety of techniques, forms, materials, and approaches to public sculpture. Beyond the visual delight of these works of art, all of the sculptures in this exhibition were intended to demonstrate an intellectual engagement with the viewer—we all have something new to look at and also a shared frame of reference to collectively think about. If the role of art, particularly in an academic community, is to foster intellectual independence, expressive competence, and aesthetic appreciation this Sculpture Biennial does so very well.

This exhibition catalogue contains handsome photographs and pertinent information about the artwork and the artists who built them but it does so within the limits and confines of print. I encourage you to visit the Adelphi Garden City campus and tour the artwork in person. The richness of a personal inspection of these sculptures will be exponentially rewarding and you will also find yourself in the middle of a spectacular 75-acre work of art that has been tended to for over 80 years.

The Adelphi Garden City campus is a registered member of the American Association of Botanical Gardens and Arboreta as sure as it is an ongoing labor of love for Bob Conaghan, Jimmy Campbell, Frank Simeone, Ron Soto and Ray Rogers. These five individuals take well-deserved pride in their charge as they nurture our garden campus using only organic techniques to maintain the stunning flora. I would conclude that the thoughtful mulching of soil and pruning of a shrub as well as the dynamic release of 50,000 ladybugs cultivates the positive attitude that I have come to know at Adelphi. The care given to these grounds extends to all of us as these beautiful gardens continue to bloom and, this year, host ten new sculptures. They provide, for all of us at Adelphi, a sense of pride-of-place and pride-of-self.

Christopher Saucedo
Professor of Sculpture


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