Christopher Saucedo offers a glimpse of the unattainable perfect moment.

My artwork is a multi-disciplinary expression of my passion for the environment. The unassembled 1/4 scale replica series was an attempt to explore the art object from either extreme. The model kit is less then the original sculpture and the fantasy poster is more than it ever was. At the same time the mannered box-top is only pretending while that carefully laid out cast-metal diagram is certainly full of potential and at least offers us a glimpse of that unattainable perfect moment, the deeds we only imagine but never get to fail at.

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Select Sculpture in 1/4 Scale Replica (Unassembled)

Select Sculpture in 1/4 Scale Replica (Unassembled), 2012, by Christopher Saucedo
Aluminum and bronze with laminated c-prints
52 (h) x 144 (w) x 8 (d) in.


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