Ed Haugevik transforms rusted steel into raw beauty.

Catching the moment when steel transcends from static to kinetic was my vision when creating “Blowout;” the notion of making the dense seem weightless, the immovable moveable, and the indestructible destructible. It freezes that moment in time when the inevitable is left to the viewer’s imagination.

The piece was a study in movement, which carried on to future works, more specifically my column series. This series revolved around capturing large suspended elements as they moved through space.

Steel has been my medium of choice for most of my career. It is a metal that is strong, yet can be manipulated and transformed. Even in a rusted, deteriorated state, steel exudes a raw beauty as exemplified in “Blowout.”

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Blowout, 2000, by Ed Haugevik
108 (h) x 36 (w) x 18 (d) in.

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