John Clement’s vibrant forms encourage physical and mental exploration.

My sculptures, consisting of brightly painted circular forms of coiled and welded steel pipes, make bold yet playful statements, draw attention, inspire imagination and thereby truly flourish in the public realm. For 18 years I have focused on the creation of large-scale public sculpture, installing pieces nationally and abroad in populated urban settings such as Los Angeles, CA, Miami, FL, New York, NY, Macon, GA, Roanoke, VA, Vancouver, BC, and St. Urban, Switzerland as well as a host of other locations.

My works have a noticeable and profound effect on the spaces they inhabit. Their vibrant, colorful, open, and inviting forms encourage both physical and mental exploration, further enhancing one’s experience and understanding of the artwork. By becoming fixtures in the community and possessing a unique identity and personality, the sculptures break through the barriers often associated with artworks solely accessible via art galleries or museums.

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Duke, 2007, by John Clement
109 (h) x 112 (w) x 60 (d) in.

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