Johnny Poux explores tension between civilization and the natural world.

I am currently fascinated with the relationship between movement and mass. How the physical weight of an object, rotational energy, or the length of a pendulum can create movement with grace. Simple machines and the efficient beauty of a collection of parts in motion—this is where I live as an artist. Form, grace and movement, and the tension between man (industry) and nature inform my work.

Through working with industrial materials like concrete and steel and referencing living things both through form and movement, I explore the tension between civilization and the natural world, and reflect on the cost of progress. I hope to make pieces that move, that are interactive, raise questions, evoke feelings of wonder and alter our relationship to time for a brief moment.

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Seed, 2012, by Johnny Poux
Steel Mesh, Aluminum, Concrete and Steel
420 (h) x 72 (w) x 48 (d) in.

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