Framing Works on Paper

  • When framing a print or drawing, choose a mat that is either white, or warm white. Refrain from using colored mats and double matting. Works should be in a neutral surrounding.
  • Always use acid-free materials. Acid-free mat board or museum board will always be the same color from the front through the back of the board (i.e.white will be solid white all the way through, or black will be solid black.) Insist upon this at a frame shop. Always ask for acid-free mat board and acid-free foamcore.
  • When matting have at least a 3-inch mat, which will mean an extra 6 inches in total when adding the two sides.
  • You can either sign your name below your print or on the mat board.
  • Frames are usually simple. 3/4” or 1” width is customary. Choose a frame that will enhance, not overwhelm your piece.
  • UV plexi is preferred over glass. Do not place plexi/glass against artwork.

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