Mounting Photographs

Photographs are traditionally dry-mounted onto a mat board, however, digital photographs can either be matted as one would mat a print (see above), or can be mounted on acid-free foamcore or various other surfaces.

  • If spray mounting a digital photo, use 3M Spray Mount- Artist’s Adhesive or Permanent Adhesive. The Artist’s Adhesive is repositionable, whereas the Permanent Adhesive is not. This can be purchased at your local art store.
  • When mounting, first place work on a clean surface. Evenly spray the back of the work holding the can approximately 8 inches away. For extra long hold, spray the foamcore as well. Carefully place image on foamcore. Place a tracing paper over artwork and apply pressure with your hand removing air bubbles and guaranteeing good adhesion. Always apply pressure from the center out.
  • Cut the piece (which now includes the foamcore) with a straight edge/ruler and utility knife with a new blade. Make sure that you have a cutting mat underneath assuring a clean cut. You may also use a mat cutter- using the straight knife attachment.
Tip: Always use new, sharp blades. Change your blade after every few cuts particularly with foamcore.

Word of advice: Make sure work is photographed well before framing/matting.

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