Materials for Wire Installation

Materials needed for wire installation on a 2D piece:

  • Wire: recommend steel, braided wire, preferably plastic coated, but not necessary.
  • D-hangers: refrain from using eye hooks when possible
  • Screws: make sure they are not longer than the depth of the frame or supports.
  • Wire cutter

You can purchase these objects from a hardware store or your local art store. Look for the brand “Ook’s”. This brand has all the supplies you need. They are usually located at the nails/screws aisle.

Wire Installation

  • Wire should be installed on the top 1/3 of the piece. Measure height of the piece. Divide the height by 3 giving the proper height for wire Installation. Eg. Piece is 18 x 24 inches. Divide 18 by 3= 6. Place D-hanger at 6 inches.
  • Install d-hangers with the proper screws carefully. Make sure to not split the wood. To ensure this, tighten the screws with a screwdriver, or use a power drill on a slow setting.
  • Prepare the wire. Take wire and stretch it across the piece, making sure there is enough for looping around the d-hanger and a bit of slack to hang the piece. There should be an additional 4-6 inches on either side for the d-hangers (8” in total for both sides). The slack should not reach the top of the piece. The wire should be no closer than roughly 2 inches from the top. Ideally, the slack should be minimal. Cut off the remainder of the wire with wire cutters. Lay wire on piece.
  • When wire measurements are set, loop one end of the wire through the d-hanger twice and make a knot (this is done at the 4-6 inch marks). The knot should be as tight as possible. Use pliers if necessary. Loop wire around the d-hanger once more, creating a third loop, then coil the remainder of the wire by continuously looping and pulling it back keeping it tight- loop, pull back, loop, pull back- until you reach the end of the wire. Before working on the next side, re-measure your slack. To check this, pull the wire at the center with your finger again making sure that there is a sufficient amount of slack. Repeat process of looping around d-hanger and coiling around wire on other side.

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